WebXR - Immersing yourself in science

Sandy Ressler, NIST - Siggraph 2019 BOF

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Ye' Ole' Agenda

  • Web
  • Hot Stuff (fire science)
  • You're Magnetic (simulation)
  • Math Functions in VR


  • It's still the web, stupid
  • Distribution
  • My kingdom for an URL

and you think your demo is hot!

360 degree fire

Crown Fire

Matthew Hoehler/NIST

BOB - Burn Observation Bubble

Matt Hoehler

"In the Eye of the Fire"

PRICE fire - comparison with simulation

Kevin McGrattan and Glenn Forney /NIST FDS/Smokeview simulation

Matt Hoehler/NIST

Smithsonian Institution Preparedness and Response in Collections Emergencies (PRICE)

Interacting with 360 Video

  • Authoring
  • Data display
  • Interaction

Making Burn Interactive

  • Toolchain
  • VR Hardware (Oculus Rift)
  • Software WebVR/XR - a-frame
  • Development also via glitch

​​(shockingly is not a toy!)

Making Burn Interactive (2)

  • Tasks
  • Data Wrangling
  • Prototype data display
  • Synchronize data and video
    • video "currentTime" is main magic
  • ​Set up locations of temperature sensors in video (by hand using specialized tool)
  • Link locations with data (also by hand coding)
  • Added video zoom and rotation capabilities..primary user will be on desktop
  • Mouse for desktop / Controllers for VR

Desktop Burn Demo

Desktop Burn Demo VR (2)



It's Magnetic

The Object Oriented MicroMagnetic Framework (OOMMF) project at ITL/NIST -  Mike Donahue, and Don Porter.

traditional 2D visualization

It's Magnetic

Justin Kauffman

Visual Analysis of Micromagnetic Reversal

Magnetic simulation with RIFT output

Justin Kauffman

Paraview with RIFT in use

Justin Kauffman

Use immersive visualization to understand and characterize the dynamics of magnetization reversal in micromagnetic devices.

New (for us) workflow

  • Paraview modeling
  • Export data
    • still missing semantics for "arrows"
  • view via WebVR or Paraview VR

Digital Library of Mathematical Functions

in VR

Last Year's DLMF VR


Moving towards integration with DLMF web site

Gallery of Functions -> public access to multiple file formats

Towards DLMF Integration

  • Standalone surface functionality in VR

Standalone video here


Standalone video here

Single surface tool

Standalone video here

Single surface tool in VR

Standalone tool in use with RIFT

Justin Slud (developer)

DLMF Gallery

  • Multiple file formats
  • Ability to use surfaces as graphic assets
  • Public domain with source attribution

Prototype DLMF Gallery

Speaking of Multiple Formats -> STL

3D printing

3d printed dlmf objects photo here


WebXR for the win

Science Baby


  • Matthew Hoehler (NIST fire guy)
  • Adam Lenker (NIST SURF)
  • Justin Slud (NIST SURF)
  • Frankie Willard (NIST SHIP)
  • Justin Kauffman (NIST postdoc)

The talk is OVER

Immersive WebXR

By Sandy Ressler

Immersive WebXR

SIGGRAPH 2019 Immersive Vis BOF

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