WordCamp Sydney November 2019


Shannon Taheny

Special Librarian in aged care

Hardware junkie

Reluctant tech support


A Diverse Program

WCSYD 2019 was Heavy on Business and Marketing

Hallway Tracks

- Casual

- Interactive

Escaping Client Hell

- Jen Jeavons

Communication is a priority

Call, don't email when there is a problem. Then follow up with an email summary of the conversation.

Constantly pleasing clients can lead to burnout and illness

Shit Sandwich

Jen covered techniques for managing clients and projects through real life stories and insights that she gathered over the last 10 years of growing a WordPress focused agency and team.

Preparing For The Flood.

How Do You Conduct Load Testing To Ready Your WordPress Site For Viral Events?

- Robert Li

Load test for the situation that is relevant to your site

5 million users is not likely in Australia

Virtual Machines!!!

Do not run on your server

Robert covered a history of load testing, why it’s important, and a live demonstration with an open-source and free tool that everyone can access right now.

Ways To Use Zapier And WP

To Automate Your Life

- Shaan Nicol

Shaan demonstrated at a few ways that you can automate basic tasks to and from WordPress in order to make your life easier.

Use Zapier to draft and target emails after meetings

Automate all the things!

Blog posts can be cross posted to social media using Buffer

WordPress Hosting Survival Guide

- Ricky Blacker

Ricky's talk was directed more to new and intermediate WP users. He covered how hosting impacts on your site, and how to confidently choose the right hosting for your unique situation.

The different types of hosting available

SSL: Lets Encrypt

Backup, backup, backup, and backup!

Staging environments

Where to Next?

WordCamp Sydney wont be held this year, maybe 2021


WordCamp Brisbane - 15-16 August 2020



WordCamp Perth - October?


Schedule for WordCamps around the world


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WordCamp Sydney November 2019

By srtaheny

WordCamp Sydney November 2019

A recap of the 2019 Sydney WordCamp and some of the presentations

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