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“Oh, to live on Sugar Mountain with the barkers and the colored balloons. You can’t be twenty on Sugar Mountain, though you’re thinking that you’re leaving there too soon; You’re leaving there too soon.”

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Introduction to Brody’s Sad Plight & Happy Recovery

Subject (Brody) symptoms:  18 year old neutered male tabby cat in extremis, with severe arthritis in multiple painful joints, including shoulders, wrists, hips, and spine, despite age-appropriate nutrition and otherwise good health. The “weak energy” of a pain-full dying process was sadly evident.

Fortunately, Brody’s owners consulted with a lettered yet very reclusive Emersonian Biochemist (exceedingly self-reliant) who often haunts the rarified environs of Big Sur, California, advancing sophisticated natural and alternative treatments for chronic suffering in a purposeful yet entirely non-commercial manner of caring.

Introduction to Brody’s Sad Plight & Happy Recovery

His recommendation was daily Hemp Extract drops to control the withering pain; with an immediate dietary “Induction” of radical joint complex nutrition, including Furan fatty acids—which the Biochemist refers to as a fragile and fleeting “Jewel in the Lotus”—an elusive biochemical jewel that was nearly lost in a sea of fish oils.

Following recovery, Brody was moved from Induction to a Maintenance diet.

Introduction to Brody’s Sad Plight & Happy Recovery

Good News from Vet Med / Science: Age-related Poly-Arthritis in Horses, Dogs, and Cats has been “cured” by diet alone — as long as the joint-supportive diet has enough bioactive Furan Fatty Acids included in the mix.


An Allegorical Jewel in the Lotus: Biochemists identified reactive (unstable) Furan Fatty Acids as the primary health-promoting ingredients previously attributed to fish oils per se. Furan-FAs are potent anti-oxidants synthesized by marine algae to protect their membranes from free-radicals generated by sunlight, only to be eaten by hungry Green-Lipped Mussel (filter-feeders), which then concentrate the protective algal lipids, along with their own “chondrogenic components” (cartilage supporting nutrients), within the tissues of the marine shellfish. Furan-FAs are 200-times more potent, in terms of anti-inflammatory bioactivity, than the prized fish oil (EPA). Wakimoto et al., 2011 PNAS 108:17533-7.

The Topical Delivery of Furan-FAs and complementary biomolecules to arthritic joints represents a challenge in terms of harvesting the Perna properly, preserving the lipid fractions, and formulating a multiplex transdermal delivery vehicle that can transit the 1. skin, 2. connective tissues & 3. Inflamed joint capsules; extending waves of BioActive Molecules* as a LOCALIZED form of FIRST AID.

(*Natural biomolecules with defined,   evidence-based mol. mechanisms-of-action)

Penetrating Multiplex Balm

Select Penetrating Oils in a Binding Matrix of Carrier Oils, Waxes, Extracts, GAGs, and BioActive Molecules* For Transdermal Delivery


Coming Soon, currently in testing


Artemisinin, a rare biomolecule isolated from Artemisia annua L. is used for the treatment of malaria. Recent studies demonstrate anti-inflammation and anti-autoimmune bioactivity. 

  •  Nobel prize for Chinese Professor
  • Potent AntiInflammatory Fx
  • Potent ImmunoRegulatory Action
  • Regulates T-cells & Chondrocytes


Brody Boy & Monique in Monterey, December 8, 2019

Brody’s Sunlight

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Brody’s Sunlight

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