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library research workshop

Winter 2023 -  for Clara Khudaverdian

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ZOOM office hours most Tuesdays 3-5, or by appointment


ZOOM office hours: most Tuesdays 3-5, 

OR by appointment

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where does the

library come in?

The three assignments are connected. You will first learn to pose a researchable question. Next, you will select a sociological area of research and will have to learn to research the topic, select appropriate literature from peer reviewed journals and books (5 articles), and to critically assess the research and conclusions. The point of the literature review is for you to find a gap in what has already been researched.

research assignments #1-3: 

You can use APA style for your citations and references

What should we cover today?

tell me here:

OUR Agenda...



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your subject librarian:

ZOOM office hours most Tuesdays 3-5, or by appointment


ZOOM office hours: most Tuesdays 3-5, 

OR by appointment

AskUs Desk LB building: most Wednesdays 1-3

under sociology see:

possible Agenda items

also good to KNOW

finding articles

relevant to your topic

Back View Of Man In Hoodie Walking On Pedestrian Lane Beside Yellow Building by Scopio from

my topic:
reasons for (not) walking

 my tentative research question:

What factors affect university students' decisions about walking outdoors in their neighbourhood and how do these factors relate to racism or socioeconomic inequities?


better KEYWORDS AND results

where should i try out my keywords and search for  

research on this topic?

tell your classmates

Search for specific library books, ebooks, articles and films

 but go beyond sofia to search for topics

use your
soci 310 LIBRARY tips page


see the first section:

socindex search

...more examples

...interesting results might  include:

now how can you access / download articles you found?

other ways to find

 subject guides & databases

 google scholar ANYONE?

once you have found a relevant article,  use

"cited by" to find more recent related material




google scholar findit@concordia TIP:

scholarly / peer-reviewed articles checklist

In many Library Databases you can use a checkbox:

test yourself - which one(s) is/ARE peer-reviewed?


This blog entry reports on an interesting study which involved many academics, but it is NOT an academic/scholarly/ peer-reviewed article

This IS an academic/scholarly/
peer-reviewed article. Important clues: published in an peer-reviewed journal, academic language, distinct sections, long bibliography of references.

still not quite getting it?
view our video


VIDEO: peer-review in 3 minutes

library search tips and tricks 
 standard library article databases

 yet another search example in this handout:

example of a keyword

combination in socindex

(YouTube, 7 mins)

Developing your search strategy: VIDEO

search strategy test yourself

from our Library Research Skills Tutorial:

what about

THAT literature review?

Most peer-reviewed articles  include a literature review within their text, even when it is not separatey labeled as such

this paragraph is part of a literature review:


Du Toit, L., Cerin, E., Leslie, E., & Owen, N. (2007). Does walking in the neighbourhood enhance local sociability?. Urban Studies, 44(9), 1677-1695.

You can also consult literature review journals.  Articles in these journals consist of long and comprehensive literature reviews, with tons of useful references.

examples of literature review journals:

examples of literature review articles:

examples of literature review articles:

referencing &

in YOUR assignments you must:

  • Include direct quotes and paraphrase

  • include a reference list

  • use proper reference format (APA).


typical apa examples:

in-text quotations/ citations

Hakkinen and Akrami (2014) found that “individuals are receptive to climate change communications, regardless of ideological position” (p. 65).

Research shows that people from any ideological background are open to hearing about climate change (Hakkinen & Akrami, 2014).


typical apa examples:


What about

automatic citation tools

instead of style guides ?

automatic citation tools

Quick Citation Generators
(for example MyBib, Citation Machine, or  those provided within databases like SOCindex or Google Scholar)

* Make sure to  double check your generated citations - they are not always correct! Use the Library's APA citation style guides to make sure all the required elements of the citation are present and correctly formatted.

automatic citation tools

Concordia Library provides support for Zotero.

automatic citation tools

Citation Management Tools
(for example RefWorks, Mendeley, EndNote, Zotero....)

Accessing resources
at concordia & beyond


Search for library books, ebooks, articles and films

what if the library doesn't have it ONLINE?

request a book and pick it up later....

or use the call number and locate button to find it

what if the library DOESN'T have it at all?

search for it in any library worldwide:

... and simply request it!

but you CAN'T borrow ebooks from other libraries!!

SOCI 310

By susie breier

SOCI 310

Library Workshop slides for SOCI 310 Research Methods course, Concordia, Fall 2023, for Clara Khudaverdian

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