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Course guide for review:

 Grad student guide with lots of today's stuff:


today's context

Your critical auto-ethnography assignment, no matter what the topic is, must include * academic / peer-reviewed references.


Your focus group assignment requires a literature review with 10 peer-reviewed sources published in the last 10 years speaking directly to your topic... Your final research report requires a more refined version of this literature review. 

Your professor notes that:  "It is always a good practice not only to read and identify peer-reviewed research, but also to index it 'on the go', making use of citation software. This will save you a lot of time during the production stage of the research report."


Your assignments require a reference list using APA style.



YOUR Agenda...

need help with any of those items?


Need assistance beyond a quick chat,
and have a bit of time to plan?

your subject librarian:

ZOOM office hours most Tuesdays 3-5, or by appointment


ZOOM office hours: most Tuesdays 3-5, 

OR by appointment

Webster Library, AskUs Desk: most Tuesdays 1-3 + Fridays 10-12

OUR Agenda

  Literature review sources


Can you find an academic article that also serves as a guide to, or at least provides an overview of, important sociological scholarship about topics such as:

  • social inequality and life expectancy

  • platform work / the gig economy

  • social networks

  • schools as racialized organizations

  • intersectional approaches to military violence

  • conspiracy theories and social movements

  • gender and social movements

  • race and violence

  • multiracial, mixed-race, and biracial identities

Literature Review Sources!

 your topic in these sources?

Did you find anything??
Save it to Zotero!!

More Lit review sources: Theses

  "Cited by" or Cited Reference searching


once you have found a relevant article,  use

"cited by" to find more recent, related material




Findit@Concordia set-up section at  4:00 mins

Google Scholar how-to video on "cited by" searching [for SOCI 612 course]

Google Scholar competitors:

web of science database
Scopus database
Google scholar

think of YOUR relevant (or 'golden') sources and give it a try!


web of science database
Scopus database
Google scholar
Google scholar

Did you find anything??
Save it to Zotero!!

  Search strategies

& keywords

Example of a keyword

combination in SocINDEX

example of a search in "standard"
EBSCO Article Databases

library search tips and tricks for


boolean operators, truncation, phrase searching:

 another search example in this handout:

(YouTube, 7 mins)

Developing your search strategy: VIDEO

from our Library Skills Tutorial- Search Strategies:  

 Subject-specific databases for YOUR topic

I need to find articles on climate change for my assignment. What difference will it make, if any, whether I search in Sofia, Google Scholar, Anthropology Plus, Indigenous Studies Portal, PsycINFO ...or SocINDEX?

where can I FIND all these databases?



My climate change searches:

climate change in Sofia:

climate change in Google Scholar:

climate change in iPortal:

climate change in Anthropology Plus:

reminder of another example:

Sociology subject database:

Sofia Discovery tool:

Go see for yourselves!

use multidisciplinary library article databases & Google Scholar to broaden your search across disciplines and find connections

use subject-specific ARTICLE DATABASES like SocINDEX or iPortal to focus your search using a disciplinary or thematic lens

my advice:

Accessing resources at Concordia & beyond
using Sofia

Search for library books, ebooks, articles and films

what if the library doesn't have it ONLINE?

request a book and pick it up later....

or use the call number and locate button to find it

what if the library DOESN'T have it at all?

search for it in any library worldwide:

... and simply request it!

but you CAN'T borrow ebooks from other libraries!!

search for it in any library worldwide:

... and simply request it!


Duina F. Consciousness in Classical Sociological Theories.  Journal of Consciousness Studies, v. 25, no. 9-10, 2018, pp. 99–124.



TIP: go back the last slide to see how to find and request it via Interlibrary Loans!

another option: JOURNAL browsing:

Use the E-journals search


Canadian Review of Sociology

 still unsure or CONFUSED ?

use library article databases & google scholar to search for literature on a topic

use Sofia to search for and access items like (e)books, journals and films,  but:

Accessing items -final words of advice

APA Referencing & Bibliographic Management

Start by picking a

citation style:

Reference formatting & management good practices

use a citation style guide:

APA STYLE: typical examples:

in-text citations

Hakkinen and Akrami (2014) found that “individuals are receptive to climate change communications, regardless of ideological position” (p. 65).

Research shows that people from any ideological background are open to hearing about climate change (Hakkinen & Akrami, 2014).


APA style: typical examples:


What about automatic citation tools?

take your pick:

a) citation generators*
b) citation management tools*

Make sure to  double check your generated citations - they are not always correct! Use those citation style guides to make sure all the required elements of the citation are present and correctly formatted.


a) citation generators

Many library databases (for example: Sofia Discovery tool, EBSCO and ProQuest databases) as well as Google Scholar will provide you with formatted citations in the style of your choice that you can copy and paste into your bibliography, reference list or works cited list!

b) citation management tools

Sometimes also called bibliographic management tools, these allow you to:

  • Download citations you find in library catalogues, databases, Google Scholar, and on the web.
  • Store and organize citations, and prepare a bibliography or reference list automatically.
  • Automatically format and insert in-text citations and a bibliography into papers you are writing with Microsoft Word, for example.

There are several citation management tools available. Concordia Library provides support for Zotero...........

continue on with Zotero....

Bibliographic Management & Zotero

Once you have registered for a Zotero account AND installed the Zotero Connector for your browser (+ the Zotero desktop application).....

1. Click on the extensions icon:

PIN the connector:


2. Click on the PIN:

It will turn blue.

Zotero Connector for your browser

You should then see an indication that the Zotero Connector is installed:  most likely a Z icon

but it could also be a page, a folder or a book icon.

Once you are then using library databases or google scholar, you can save items to you Zotero library by clicking on the the folder/ page/ book / icon 

If you have succesfully downloaded and installed the Zotero app, you can launch /

open  it:

Zotero desktop application:

.... and then sync it with our Zotero account.

In the Zotero desktop app, click on the green  circular arrow:

and open your Sync preferences to sign in:

Zotero library in your desktop app:

You are now ready to save items to your Zotero library.

You can now ignore the Zotero desktop app and go back to your browser.

continue on with more Zotero info....

Once citations are saved in your Zotero library you can create a bibliography:

  1. select the items you want to include
  2. select Create Bibliography from items
  3. select a citation style
  4. copy-paste the citations into your Word document

...OR you can insert citations and a bibliography directly into documents via your word processing software:


REMINDER: Make sure to  double check your Zotero-generated references - they are not always correct! Use the Library's citation style guides to make sure all the required elements of your bibliography and of your references are present and correctly formatted.

Zotero info on our library web site:

Zotero library worshops:

SOCI 415 Fall 2021 library workshop

By susie breier

SOCI 415 Fall 2021 library workshop

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