Is your business facing these problems?

- poor call routing

- struggling with voicemail

- do customers get cut off if someone else is on the phone

- are your staff away from the desk

Here's a solution to these issues.

New Business Phone Systems

There are new business phone systems out there looking to replace traditional ones. With the ISDN switch off occurring it is best to address this sooner rather than later. 

The New Features

Now let's take this time to look and examine the new features of what VOIP has to offer you. Of course, if you have any questions then please just get in touch with us.

Mobile Applications

Simply put any smart device - whether that's a tablet, laptop or a smartphone - now becomes a phone line extension. 

Record Calls

You can now choose to record every call - if you wanted - at the switch of a button. 


You can now quickly and easily set up an online conference room and set up your personal virtual meeting room at the few clicks of a button. 

Text Message Your Main Number


Smart Voicemail

A voicemail system that knows you are on the other line and can inform the caller that this is the case - rather than going straight to a standard voicemail message. 

Auto Disaster Recovery 

A special setting to help you recover service. 

Telephone Systems for Small Businesses

By Switch Networks

Telephone Systems for Small Businesses

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