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Understanding the context


  • B2B

  • Tech industry -> Software outsourcing

  • Competition is high (if you want to advertise for the keyword software development company you have to pay around 20-30 USD for one click!)

  • Trust is low

Target clients:

  • Fast-growing tech companies/ big enterprises

  • Tech leaders such as (Vp or Director of engineering, CTO)

  • Super busy, overworked


How do you reach them?

Distraction-based advertisement won’t work (expensive, they’re busy, don’t trust you)


Not so distraction-focused marketing

What is content marketing?

  • Understanding the biggest challenges of our target clients

  • Providing educational materials for free (can be blog posts, videos, podcast, images)

  • Generating visitor to our website and convert a tiny fraction of them as a client

Easy, right?

  • Produce content that helps your target clients

  • See the traffic coming in

  • Profit

The reality

  • It takes 1,5-2 years until you might see results (results = money)

  • Too much content is created, competition is high -> takes longer and more effort to get results

  • Everyone wants to fire you in the first 2 years

But the long-term, compound impact is just incredible

  • We receive 5-6 client inquiries per month

  • The traffic value we generate is 10K USD/ month

    • That means if you want the same results with paid ads you have to spend 10K USD per month


Key: content promotion

  • Publishing content and waiting for the traffic to come won’t work

  • You need to actively promote every piece of content you create

In our case…

  • We rely on search (organic) traffic (74%)

  • Direct traffic (14%)

  • Referral traffic (4%)

  • And little social traffic (2%)

Content promotion secrets at Coding Sans

  • We write high-quality blog posts (ppl want to read, share and use as a reference)

  • Optimize it for search engines:



    • On-site: keywords, length, comprehensiveness

    • Off-site: link building


  • We have content partners

  • We contact bloggers

  • Share every post on our newsletter

  • Share it multiple times on social media (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn)

Where marketing ends…

  • ...Our sales department (Mate) takes over

  • Free consultation/ Direct contact



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