Question view

  • Sidebar contains¬†metadata about question
  • Sorting functionality hidden by special icon
  • Single Question contains:
  • Header: Title, score status
  • Body with syntax highlighting
  • Footer: Voting, user information, tags
  • Answers below after separator
  • Comments to every question and answer possible
  • Tags are tap-able
  • Full-text/indexed search
  • Combinable search: tags, users and free-text

Tag browser

  • Allows exploring tag relations

  • Filter questions by combination of
    while exploring tags

  • Redirects to "Questions View" and sets search-phase


  • Images loaded from Gravatar service

  • Shows users' data: reputation, votes,
    location and further information

  • Full-text search on display names

  • Scroll to top to load more

My Profile

  • Login by eMail address

  • Possibility to persist/remember login

  • Signup using sign up form

  • View your own data (votes, reputation, etc)


  • Monitor interaction on your
    own questions, answers and comments

  • Automatically ordered by activity

  • Status on answers: accepted or not

When being logged in

  • Post questions, answers and comments

  • Vote up/down questions, answers and comments

Opposing Force - Final Presentation Slides

By Tobias Deekens

Opposing Force - Final Presentation Slides

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