Merry Mobile App!



Jen Looper


Senior Developer Advocate

Founder and CEO: Vue Vixens 

Who am I?

Dear Santa

For Christmas, I would like a mobile app. It needs to be written with Vue.js, and it needs to behave like a sweet native app. I have been very good. I didn't even drink too many Vuetinis this year.

your friend,






Definitely on the nice list

did I mail that letter to Santa?

Let's talk about NativeScript


NativeScript is…

an open source framework for building truly native mobile apps with JavaScript. Use web skills, like TypeScript, Angular, Vue, and CSS, and get native UI and performance on iOS and Android.


Rich, animated, “no compromise” native UI

(with shared UI code)


You know JavaScript?


You know NativeScript! 


Why Vue for NativeScript?

📱Vue's 2.0 adoption of the virtual DOM enables native mobile rendering (Angular 2+ is similar)

💻 Vue offers a great way for web developers to embrace mobile platforms via NativeScript or Weex

☁️ Vue is lightweight so highly appropriate for mobile

🤝 NativeScript and Vue have great code-sharing potential!

my first NativeScript-Vue App


Making a Yankee Swap app



How did I build it?

  • Done in the Playground
  • Kinvey on the backend
  • Authenticate + play


Introduction to NativeScript-Vue

By Telerik DevRel

Introduction to NativeScript-Vue

Boston Vue.js Meetup launch party

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