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what is coming in the next releases ? 

Nuxeo Platform

  • not only a Content Repository

  • provide tools to build Content Apps
    • Configuration Studio
    • API, SDK, Dev tools, Test tools
    • Packaging and deployment tools

Build modern Web Apps

  • Back to the client side
    • Html 5 / JavaScript
    • Mobile Apps
  • Leverage Cloud promises
    • ECM as a service
    • Easy scaling

 these 2 trends are driving the Roadmap for 5.9.x fastracks


is the main entry point

API is a major focus for next FastTrack releases 

Nuxeo API challenges

expose Nuxeo Platform via http without losing our soul

Being dynamic

  • Services to expose depends on deployment option

    +workflowService +conversionService -relationService
  • Contribute custom Services

  • Data Structures (users, docs ...) depends on configuration

      common : {...},
      dublincore : {...},
      customSchema : {...},

Being composable

  • "Pack" several services calls inside the same transaction

    updateDoc + validateTask + generatePDF
  • Fetch all required information in one call

    • aggregate all required info
    doc attributes + associated tasks + urls

And also

  • efficiently manage streams

    byte[]    ==> evil
    MultiPart ==> pain
  • manage authentication in an easy and pluggable way

  • be HTML/JavaScript friendly

    new XMLHttpRequest()

How we built the Automation API

expose a dynamic http API

Automation REST EndPoint

  • Expose Nuxeo entities as REST resources
    • Documents, Users, Workflows, Tasks ...


    GET /nuxeo/api/v1/path/{path} HTTP/1.1
    GET /nuxeo/api/v1/id/{uid} HTTP/1.1
    GET /nuxeo/api/v1/user/{userName} HTTP/1.1
    GET /nuxeo/api/v1/group/{groupId} HTTP/1.1

REST Endpoint : GET Document

GET /nuxeo/api/v1/path/default-domain/workspaces/WS/TestNote HTTP/1.1
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

  "entity-type": "document",
  "repository": "default",
  "uid": "6a3998e3-6890-45f5-9c19-b708814a9c1c",
  "path": "/default-domain/workspaces/WS/TestNote",
  "type": "Note",
  "state": "project",
  "versionLabel": "0.0",
  "isCheckedOut": true,
  "title": "TestNote",
  "lastModified": "2014-01-20T13:11:29.64Z",

Automation RPC : Operations EndPoint

  • Coarse grained API on top of Java API
    • each services can contribute Operations

  • Expose endpoint for Operations
    • GET to retrieve definition
    • POST to execute

Operations EndPoint

GET /nuxeo/site/automation/Document.PageProvider HTTP/1.1
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

id":"Document.PageProvider", "label":"PageProvider", "description":"Perform a query ...", "signature":[ "void", "documents" ], "params":[ { "name":"page", "type":"integer", "required":false },{ "name":"query", "type":"string", "required":false, }, ... ] }

Operations EndPoint

POST /nuxeo/site/automation/Document.PageProvider HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json+nxrequest
{ "params" :
    { "query" : "select * from Note",
      "page" : 0
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
  "entity-type": "documents",
  "pageIndex": 0,
  "pageSize": 2,
  "pageCount": 2,
  "entries": [
      "entity-type": "document",
      "repository": "default",
      "uid": "3f76a415-ad73-4522-9450-d12af25b7fb4",
    }, { ...}, ...

Dynamic data structure

Fetch all needed data in one call

Control Marshaling

  • use header to control what schemas should be sent

    X-NXDocumentProperties dublincore, common, file

    fetch the data needed on the client side and nothing more

GET /nuxeo/api/v1/path/default-domain/workspaces/WS/TestNote HTTP/1.1
X-NXDocumentProperties note, files

Control Marshaling

GET /nuxeo/api/v1/path/default-domain/workspaces/WS/TestNote HTTP/1.1
X-NXDocumentProperties note, files
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
{  "entity-type": "document",
  "properties": {
    "note:mime_type": "text/x-web-markdown",
    "note:note": "##Hello",
    "files:files": [
        "file": {
          "name": "layout.png",
          "mime-type": "image/png",
          "length": "43627",
          "data": "files/6a3998e3-6890-45f5-9c19-b708814a9c1c"
      } } ] } ...

Fetch extra info

  • use RestContributor to fetch additional info (Mixins)

    • urls, breadcrumb info, comments, related documents ...

  • use header to tell server what info is needed

    X-NXContext-Category breadcrumb
GET /nuxeo/api/v1/path/default-domain/workspaces/WS/TestNote HTTP/1.1
X-NXContext-Category breadcrumb

Fetch REST contributions

GET /nuxeo/api/v1/path/default-domain/workspaces/WS/TestNote HTTP/1.1
X-NXContext-Category breadcrumb
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
  "entity-type": "document",
  "contextParameters": {
    "breadcrumb": {
      "entity-type": "documents",
      "entries": [
          "entity-type": "document",
          "repository": "default",
          "path": "/default-domain",
        }, ... ] } }

Leverage adapter system

  • contribute custom logic

@WebAdapter(name = BOAdapter.NAME,
type = "BOService", targetType = "Document")
@Produces({ "application/json+nxentity"})
public class BOAdapter extends DefaultAdapter {
  • expose as business object with custom marshaling
GET /nuxeo/api/v1/path/domain/workspaces/WS/note/@audit HTTP/1.1
GET /nuxeo/api/v1/path/domain/workspaces/WS/note/@bo/MyBO HTTP/1.1

Fetch Audit records via adapter

GET /nuxeo/api/v1/path/domain/workspaces/WS/note/@audit HTTP/1.1 
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

Composable API

Expose the API that matches your needs

Automation Chains

  • Operations have Input / Output and Arguments

  • Operations can be chained on the service side
    • one call , one transaction

doc => updateDoc
             =(doc)=> validateTask
                                =(doc)=> generatePDF =(Blob)=>

Create new Operations via composition

Compose Chain

via XML / via Drag&Drop

Operations and resources

  • Bridge Operations and Resource Endpoints

  • "pipe Operation or Chain" on resource
 fetch resource => feed Operation or Chain
POST /nuxeo/api/v1/path/domain/workspaces/WS/note/@op/Blob.ToPDF

Operations and Extensions

  • Contribute new Operations via Extension Point

  • Contribute new Adapters via Extension Point

  • Compose Operations via Workflow

Dynamic and Composable API

Cool, but what is the trade-off

API is more powerful, but more complex

  • Data mapping needs to be dynamic

  • Calling dynamic endpoints is more complex than static API

endpoint.invoke("createDocument", {input: ... , params:...})
nuxeo.createDocument(path, name, type)

Solution : 

  • Provide introspection
    • methods and data types

  • Provide client lib
    • provides some data mapping
      (document, blob)
    • provides a high level simple API 
      (createDocument, addComment ...) 
    • does some checks
      (validate method definition)

Java, Javascript, Python, Dart, Php, ObjectiveC ...

Mule Cloudhub example

  • Leverage Java Lib service wrapper

  • Plug Mule DataSense with Nuxeo Types introspection
    • Mule fetches datatypes from Nuxeo

  • Use invoke like pattern for dynamic Operations
    • cannot dynamicaly build UI from Automation metadata

    Dynamic data mapping

    Roadmap & Next steps 

    when is it ready ?

      Next steps : API

      • API improvements are part of 5.9.x FastTrack releases
        • REST EndPoints
        • RestContributors and changes in marshaling
      • SDK are in progress
        • JavaScript
        • Angular
        • Dart
        • iOs
        • Android
      • Sample Apps and playground

      Next steps : Cloud

      • :
        Nuxeo Platform as a Service
      Cloud provisioning + API + online IDE
      • Scaling
        • Elastic Search integration
        • NoSQL backend

      Q&A ?

      Nuxeo Platform & API

      By Thierry Delprat

      Nuxeo Platform & API

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