Nuxeo Platform

mid-year status

2014 Goals

  • Technical goals
    • Cloud Scale storage
    • Provide tools to develop JS/Html5 and mobile Apps
    • Nuxeo PaaS for Cloud deployment
    • Infrastructure update  (5.8 to 6.0 !)

  • Functional goals
    • Studio users productivity
    • Search improvements
    • DAM / DM UI unification
    • Bulk Edit
    • Nuxeo Drive / LiveEdit


after about 6 months


Cloud Storage / ElasticSearcH

  • Status
    • available since 5.9.3
      • backported for 5.8
    • first real life test in progress for EA
  • Gains
    • make queries scale
    • faceted search
  • WIP
    • Some remaining infrastructure work
    • Leverage ES features
      • aggregates / facets ...

Scale with Elasticsearch

keep in mind this is optimum use case : API call

CloudStorage - Mongo DB

  • Status
    • alpha version for MongoDB World
      (on Nuxeo 5.9.4)
  • Gains (expected)
    • Scale on large repositories, especially for Write intensive apps
  • WIP
    • lot of infrastructure work is still to be done
      • adapt Nuxeo Core persistence model
      • move code out of DB and share recursive code
      • manage recursive operation via Map Reduce 
    • real life testing & benchmarks


  • new REST API is here since 5.8
    • we already have some feedback on what needs to be fixed
    • API playground is available
      • first experience with Dart/Polymer/WebComponents

  • JavaScript Client is available
    • NodeJS and JavaScript (jQuery)

  • Angular SDK 
    • we have some first projects (, Sharp)
    • we need to package the SDK + doc


  • Finish / Polish API and SDK
    • integrate feedbacks from projects (NXRoadmap-211)
    • integrate Workflow (!)
    • write more documentation
    • code templates

  • Integrate UI meta-model
    • use Layouts and ContentViews in JS Applications

Mobile SDK 

  • iOS SDK is available
    • first client application (Sabre)
    • demo application (available on AppStore)

  • Android SDK is in the same state since 2012

  • Next steps
    • align iOS and Android SDK
    • work on demo applications

Nuxeo PAAS

  • after several tentatives we finely defined a target
    • Docker + CoreOS + Fleet + Go ...
    • most infrastructure components are brand new

  • first beta in progress     
    • we have a good timing for Docker/CoreOS 

  • online trial will be available in 2 weeks

Nuxeo PaaS - WIP

    • solidify and stabilize infrastructure
    • extend packaging model

  • Arken
    • put some code inside Arken
    • write documentation

Infrastructure update

  • UI Layer upgrade to JSF2
    • upgrade is in progress
    • merge ASAP

  • Nuxeo Runtime upgrade
    • some cleanup work
    • no major work started for now


Studio Productivity

    • Automation improvements
    • Code mirror + NXQL suggestions
    • Easier navigation between Studio objects
    • branches management
    • Studio Application Templates Improvements

Backoffice features layout update

  • Going to 6.0:
    Webapp layout nearly didn't change since the start,
    some evolutions are required NXROADMAP-183

    • Hierarchical / Search vs  DAM/DM
    • Quick documents lists access  panel
    • Review creation of content (use DAM one) 
    • Merge all what is user centric in the same place
    • Switch easily on any view between thumbnail mode/ listing mode

Search Experience

  • Leverage what we already have in infrastructure
    • Slideshow on DAM
    • Provide a mean to search by mime-type
    • Prev/Next on the document
    • Remove advanced search
    • Allow column selection on any result view

  • Leverage new feature provided by elasticsearch
    • Facets and aggregations

Bulk documents actions

  • Collections service
  • "select all" on a ContentView 
  • Integrate handsontable for bulk edit

Nuxeo Drive

  • Easier install / auto update

  • Improve presence on desktop 
    • notifications
    • fs decoration

  • Live Edit replacement


  • Features
    • One task per group member
    • Automated delegation
    • Better control on who can delegate/re-assign
    • A new node for “external message”
    • Parameterized automation chains calls
  • Infrastructure
    • Improve performances and automated clean up

So, are we good ?

at least, we are not bad

We have made good progress

  • All infrastructure tasks have been started
    • and have already visible results

  • We know where we are going
    • we know we can make it
    • we know how to do it

But we have to finish

  • Test, package, document
    • otherwise no-one can see what we have done

  • Make everything consistent
    • otherwise maintenance will be an issue

  • Leverage the new possibilities offered
    • make the changes visibles

About next steps

  • Storage 
    • finish uniformize the new storage layer
    • redesign how we manage tree processing

fix for real known scalability issues

  • Apps SDK
    • Start plugging Layout and AngularJS
    • Move forward on Polymer toolbox

let's start more project son pure html5/js

About next steps

    • solidify and stabilize infrastructure
    • extend packaging model

provide a nice trial experience

  • Infrastructure
    • provide more customization tools (Code Envy?)
    • better testability

make nuxeo development easier and faster

Nuxeo Platform S1

By Thierry Delprat

Nuxeo Platform S1

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