Nuxeo & Use Cases

Why our customers are using Nuxeo


we provide a Platform that developers can use to
build highly customized Content Applications

we provide components, and the tools to assemble them


Use Case


  • Core Business application
    • No out of the box solution exists
    • High customization is required
  • Application Builders
    • Need a solid foundation for a vertical app
    • Needs a way to customize for each client

What we provide

  • The platform
    • provide the Building blocks
    • provide an Extensible Component Model
    • ensure clear separation between custom and Nuxeo code
  • Around the Platform
    • provide test infrastructure
    • provide packaging solutions
    • provide deployment automation
  • Helping
    • Training
    • Consulting / Hand Holding
    • Online configuration & services 

Why we are growing

  • The platform is getting wider
    • Templating & Composition, DAM, 3D ...
  • We have more client applications
    • new Web UI, Mobile App, Adobe CC, Drive ...
  • We develop more services
    • Online Training
    • Cloud & Hosting
    • Online Services
  • We have more clients to help !


Where Are we Growing

  • Engineering
    • Paris & Lisboa mainly for pure product
    • NYC ( including consulting work)
  • Pre-sales, Sales 
    • Europe, US & Asia


Use Cases

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Use Cases

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