Mozilla webmaker

Mozillians are people who make things.

Moving people from consumption to creation is
Mozilla's goal

Mozilla has an opportunity to build the next

generation of web makers.

A new way for Mozilla to work: teaching and
building things with ‘web makers’

Mozilla webmaker

A quick way to make, remix or tweak a webpage or
video while learning how the web works.

Mozilla webmaker

    •  You don’t have to be a professional coder or wizard to be a webmaker

    •  You shouldn’t have be be a professional web developer to understand how the web works

    • Mozilla want to help you level up your skills and go further

Webmaker tools

  • Thimble
  • Popcorn Maker
  • X-Ray Goggles


Web making made easy


    • Thimble makes it so so simple to create your own webpages

    • Thimble allows you to write and edit html and css with in your browser

    • You can instantly preview your work

    • You can host and share your webpage with a single click

    • Helps checking your work to spot the errors to be rectified instantaneously

thimble preview

popcorn  maker

Interaction between web content and the user

popcorn  maker

    • Popcorn makes video to work like a web

    • We do have a huge wealth of web content but the problem is they are static

    • People make it and we use it

    • Simply , no roles for users to play

    • popcorn helps in creating a web content that will have real time interaction between the content and the user

popcorn  maker preview

X-Ray Goggles

Remix , Make And Share

X-Ray Goggles

    • X-Ray Goggles makes it so easy to change a webpage like a magic

    • You can create your webpages to share with your friends

    • These things can be done with in the browser

    • X-Ray goggles allow us to understand "what the web is made of - building blocks of the webpage

    • To remix , change and share their favorite webpages

X-Ray Goggles preview

To Get Involved

Thank You For Your Patience!



umesh agarwal

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Mozilla Webmaker

By Umesh Agarwal

Mozilla Webmaker

A quick way to make, remix or tweak a webpage or video while learning how the web works.

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