DitC: Data Management

Naive engineer's approach

DataOps, what hath god wrought

Like VCS, but for Data


"Like Git LFS, it just works!"

The measured middleground

no fun for anyone

Follow best practices, work less hard

  • https://github.com/snowplow/iglu/ (artifacts management, versioning, data hub, for structured data)
  • https://github.com/pachyderm/pachyderm (full lifecycle management, acquisition, cleaning, versioning, etc. It's a pipeline.)
  • Full cowboy: mkdir -p volume-snapshots && docker run --rm --volumes-from mariadb -v $(shell pwd)/volume-snapshots:/docker-volume-snapshots debian:stretch-slim tar -czvf "/volume-snapshots/snapshot$(DATE).tar.gz" /var/lib/mariadb

Follow best practices, work really hard

  • Liquibase, datical, Flyway
  • Don't want to maintain it all over the shop?
  • Specify consumers, call an API (versioned!), bulk load schema and minimal data on instantiation. Document once, profit over and over.

careful thought > more tech

It's hard out here.

Are we solving the right problem?


By Matt Urbanski

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