Deep Work

(As per Cal Newport's book)


RC F2'2019

Why deep work ?

  • Rare in the economy (and hence valuable)
  • Will make you happy

Depth adept != Hermit

  • Serendipity is necessary to get creative insights and produce value
  • Deep work can also be collaborative (ex: pair programming)

How to work deeply ?

By following a set of rules

Rules which resonated with me

Be Lazy

  • When you stop working, really stop (do not check your emails, think about work, ....)
  • Adopt a ritual to complete your day
  • Why ? Downtime aids insight (unconscious thought theory)

Schedule every minute of your day

  • Not about rigidity, but thoughtfulness
  • Plan your free time as well
  • Why ?
    • See more clearly the global context of the activites you engage in
    • structure => happiness

Embrace boredom

  • Resist the temptation to check your phone at any time
  • Why ? Damages your capacity to focus

Take breaks from distractions not from focus

  • work offline
  • stack overflow ? Zulip ?

Quit social media

  • Reject the any "benefit mindset"

Thank you

Deep Work

By v-perez

Deep Work

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