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Sync & PICL

Emscripten & asm.js


WebAPIs & Firefox OS


Yet another programming language?



Your first rust program

fn main() {
    let nums = [1, 2];
    let noms = ["Tim", "Eston", "Aaron", "Ben"];
    let mut odds = nums.iter().map(|&x| x * 2 - 1);
    for num in odds {
        do spawn {
            println("{:s} says hello from a lightweight thread!", noms[num]);

What's good in it?

1. Safety

2. Safety

3. Speed

4. Object oriented

5. Tasks

6. Pointers



A next generation browser engine experiment

Written in Rust

Uses multicore capabilities

Better architecture


Task communication

Sync & PICL

Firefox SYNC

Synchronizes your Firefox data between PCs and devices

End to end encryption

You hold all the keys

A bit difficult to use


Stands for Profile In the CLoud

  • The next version of Firefox Sync
  • Email+Password authentication
  • Some things may be decrypted if your password is stolen
  • A lot more usable by the average user

EmScripten & asm.js

Emscripten is a compiler, that translates C/C++ code to Javascript

ASM.js is a subset of Javascript that runs much faster in the browser (close to native speed)

What Can it do?

Check out the demos section
full of games that now run exclusively in Javascript


Stands for Web RealTime Communication

Provides a simple Javascript API for transmitting

video, audio and data

Supported in Firefox, Chrome and Opera

What can it Do?

Video chat with friends

Share files P2P

Play games


The web needs to access your hardware

Thing you couldn't do one year ago

Some APIs are only available on some platforms

THE BEST thing

You can be part of it!

Our mission is to promote openness,
innovation & opportunity on the Web.

Latest cool stuff at Mozilla

By Valentin Gosu

Latest cool stuff at Mozilla

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