CiviCRM State of theming 2023

1. Which cms?

Drupal Joomla Wordpress
Installation Slightly Custom Default Custom
Updates Command line / manual Default Comand line / manual
Comand Line Interface Yes No Yes
Frontend/custom/URLs.html No J3: yes / J4: no Yes
Access Control Yes Yes No?
Contribution pages/events/profiles/extensions Yes Yes Yes
Complex forms outside FormBuilder Yes No Yes
Complex front-end display outside SearchKit Yes (views) Yes (YTPro +Essentials) Yes (YTPro +Essentials)
Themes Shoreditch / Finsbury Park Haystack / Aah Finsbury Park / Haystack Admin Utilities / Finsbury Park / Haystack / Shoreditch WP

CiviCRM BACKEND themes



  • Theming in CiviCRM is a headache. There's 19 years of code which needs to support 6 CMSs.
  • Rich (Aah theme) and Nic (Finsbury Park theme) have been backed by CiviCRM Core to investigate how to modernise Civi's look and feel.
  • It's a long-term (ie multi-year) project. Our priorities are:
    • Ease. Make it easier for anyone to retheme Civi quickly across all CMSs, front and backend.

    • Markup. Improve Civi’s HTML markup to make it consistent, reliable, mobile-responsive, accessible (ie WCAG compliant) and more future-proof.

    • Design. Make Civi look better out the box across all CMSs, and integrate with front-end themes better.

CiviCRM State of Theming 2023

By visualist

CiviCRM State of Theming 2023

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