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creating a robust, performant, and feature-rich online conferencing experience

VR in the browser

2006 - WebGL prototype (Canvas 3d)

2011 - WebGL 1.0 spec was released

2017 - WebGL 2 released

2016 - WebVR 1.0 was announced

2019 - WebXR released.

WebVR deprecated

What are our solutions?



Coordinate system

Right handed cartesian coordinates

Positive Z axis is behind the viewer

Axis directions are changed when applied rotation component

Entity component system

Entities - Containers into which components can be attached

Components - Reusable modules of data that can be attached to entities

Systems - global scope, services, state etc.

React 360

Built for 360 user interfaces



react-native bridge



asyncronous messages passing through the bridge


Getting started

npx react-360-cli init React360Demo

You can render on cylinder surfaces

or on flat surfaces providing the angle

To interact with Native(browser) you need to define native modules

And register them

The React side

Pretty similar to React Native

Animating using Animated

What about the Data

and real-time?


A query language for your API

What's wrong with REST

How it looks like

What about Architecture Architecture

What is Hasura

open source and free engine that gives you auto-generates real-time GraphQL API on top of new or existing PostgreSQL database


  • Can be deployed to any cloud or run locally
  • Compatible with all Authentication solutions
  • Can run on top of new or existing Postgres database
  • Supports Postgres addons (PostGIS, TimescaleDB)
  • Auto-generates GraphQL api
  • GraphQL queries are compiled to performant SQL statements using native Postgres features


  • Comes with hasura-cli which has awesome tools like migrations and more
  • Can work with custom SQL statements
  • Has configurable access controls for data
  • Can be connected to your own GraphQL server (does schema stitching)
  • Has eventing system which enables to trigger serverless functions

Let's see it in action

How to add it to VR?

And in React 360?

And now in VR

Create collaborative VR environment in the browser with React and GraphQL

By vladimirnovick

Create collaborative VR environment in the browser with React and GraphQL

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