Technical Diving 

What it is and why I am passionate about it.

Independent consultant

Web / Mobile / XR / IoT / AI

Engineer, GDE, author, Trainer

It was not enough for me

  • I wanted to learn underlying principles
  • physics of diving 
  • decompression theory
  • dive better/longer deeper

Recreational diving is considered

No Decompression diving

The physics

Boyle’s law

Pressure goes up -> Volume goes down

Dalton law

Sum of partial pressures of gases is Ptotal = P1 + P2 + … Pn

.79 ATA + .21 ATA = 1.0 ATA

Narcosis and toxicity

The deeper you go - the more nitrogen narcosis you get

Partial pressure of oxygen higher than 1.4 or 1.6 during decompression will cause oxygen toxicity

Symptoms: Dizziness lightheaded, slow reactions (drunk)

Tunnel vision, tingling, potential convulsions and drowning === death

Bubble Formation

As the pressure of gas surrounding the solution lowers, gas molecules inside the solution want to escape if the rate is fast than they form bubbles at gas micronuclei sites

How do we stay longer/go deeper

  • Dive planning based on physics and physiology
  • Doing decompression stops to release gases from tissues
  • Breath different mixes of various oxygen (and helium) percentage at different depths


Gas switches

So what is the roadmap for me

  • Dive to 100+m next year
  • Under Ice diving
  • Cave diving
  • Advanced wreck diving
  • Dive in abandoned mines

Technical Diving

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Technical Diving

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