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What is GraphQL


A query language for your API

What's wrong with REST

Resfull API

The core idea is to have a URL for every resource

RESTfull API problems

Description of resource is coupled to implementation



chaining requests to server to get needed data

So how does GraphQL solve it

Avoid over-fetching

Prevent multipe API calls

Lesser communication with API developers



How do you start?

What is Hasura

open source and free engine that gives you auto-generates real-time GraphQL API on top of new or existing Postgres database


  • Can be deployed to any cloud or run locally
  • Compatible with all Authentication solutions
  • Can run on top of new or existing Postgres database
  • Supports Postgres addons (PostGIS, TimescaleDB)
  • Auto-generates GraphQL api
  • GraphQL queries are compiled to performant SQL statements using native Postgres features


  • Comes with hasura-cli which has awesome tools like migrations and more
  • Can work with custom SQL statements
  • Has configurable access controls for data
  • Can be connected to your own GraphQL server (does schema stitching)
  • Has eventing system which enables to trigger serverless functions Architecture

How to get started with Hasura

  • Go to

  • Click on Get started with Heroku

  • Click on

  • Enter your app name

Let's see it in action

Hasura Console overview

Hasura Console overview

  • GraphiQL - run your queries in in-browser IDE
  • Data - manage your data, access control, relations, permissions
  • Remote Schemas - stitch GraphQL schema of your custom GraphQL server
  • Event Triggers - connect your serverless functions

GraphiQL tab - use for development

  • Set endpoint headers
  • Execute queries and mutations
  • Analyse queries

Data tab - data management interface

  • View and insert data into db
  • create and modify tables
  • Create relationships
  • set permissions and access control
  • execute custom sql statements

Remote Schemas tab

stitch your custom GraphQL server schema

Event triggers

  • connect custom webhooks to database events to execute serverless functions
  • set retry logic
  • forward custom headers to webhook



Run hasura locally on top of existing postgres

Want to learn more?

React, Vue, Angular, React Native,

iOS, Android, Flutter, Elm, ReasonML

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