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What is GraphQL


A query language for your API

What's wrong with REST

Restful API

The core idea in REST is to have a URL for every resource

RESTfull API problems

Description of resource is coupled to implementation



chaining requests to server to get needed data

So how does GraphQL solve it

Avoid over-fetching

Prevent multipe API calls

Lesser communication with API developers


How it looks like


type Post {

   title: String!

   content: String!

   user: User!


type Person {

    name: String!

    address: String

    posts: [Post!]!



GraphQL Resolvers

What about Architecture

Microservices architecture 

3factor.app Architecture

Let's see it in action

First assignment

  • Fetch last 5 todos
  • Find your own user id by name
  • Fetch user with specific id and his last 5 todos
  • Insert a new todo
  • Update todo

Tip: If you are not sure with how to write GraphQL syntax use Explorer feature

How do you start with backend?

What is Hasura

open source and free engine that gives you auto-generates real-time GraphQL API on top of new or existing Postgres database


  • Can be deployed to any cloud or run locally
  • Compatible with all Authentication solutions
  • Can run on top of new or existing Postgres database
  • Supports Postgres addons (PostGIS, TimescaleDB)
  • Auto-generates GraphQL api
  • GraphQL queries are compiled to performant SQL statements using native Postgres features


  • Comes with hasura-cli which has awesome tools like migrations and more
  • Can work with custom SQL statements
  • Has configurable access controls for data
  • Can be connected to your own GraphQL server (does schema stitching)
  • Has eventing system which enables to trigger serverless functions

Let's see it in action

Assignment 2

Section 3 - Building frontend

Follow https://learn.hasura.io/ to build a frontend app 

Thank You


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