Looking for the perfect vlogging camera?

Here are some things to look out for

1. Image Quality

  • Recommended: 1080p/Full HD
  • Minimum: 720p
  • Best quality: 4K/Ultra HD

2. Weight

  • Light camera: easy to carry and no sore arms

3. Optical Image Stabilization


-Prevent shaky footage

4. Audio

-Good built-in microphone

-External microphone connectivity

5. The Lens

6. Your needs

  • Low light conditions?
  • Action camera?
  • External microphone connectivity?

Check out our vlogging camera buyers guide listed in the description 

Looking for the perfect vlogging camera?

By vloggingtips

Looking for the perfect vlogging camera?

Looking for a good vlogging camera but not sure what to look for? Check out our presentation. We have also picked out the best current vlogging cameras for your budget and needs in our guide: http://vloggingpro.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-buying-a-vlogging-camera/

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