How VR


is secretly driving the industry

  • Right now, the VR porn industry has a kind of wink-and-nod relationship with the rest of the VR industry.

  • Oculus VR co-founder Palmer Luckey summed it up in this statement, wherein he criticized VR companies for their public treatment of VR pornography.

“It’s this very strange situation where if you talk privately to people who work at major VR companies and you say, ‘Hey, what do you think about VR porn?’ And they say, ‘Oh, I love VR porn!’” [Luckey] said at an industry event in Japan in September. “But then they go to a public panel at a game development conference, and they’ll get asked, ‘What do you think about VR porn?’ They say, ‘What is VR porn? I don’t know anything about that."

And what about that?

  • An estimated 1.5 million PC gamers own VR headsets, yet usage at any given time is less than 1%.

  • Statistics were taken from, which pulls real-time data from Steam’s API to track people playing VR-compatible games.

  • As of writing, the top 10 VR-compatible titles on Steam had less than 500 players (each) during peak hours for the past week. This means that of the estimated 1.5 million Steam gamers who own VR headsets, less than 3,000 people actually used them in the past week.

And what about that?

  • It’s difficult to find any concrete statistics on how many people are actively using VR on their mobile devices.

  • Popular browser games like Survivio are certainly enhanced by VR immersion, especially since there’s a real lack of VR games on Google Play store – WebVR combined with mobile devices could have a strong future, in that regard.

  • AndroidPolice: 28% voted “I used my VR headset once or twice, then never again”, and 7% voted “A few times a month”.


  • SamMobile: 25% of users responded they use their VR headset around once a month, while 3% responded they use it on a daily basis.




  • With virtual sex, you can actually combine touch into the virtual experience.

  • Thus, not only is virtual porn driving the industry, they’re bridging the gap between virtual and reality far better than anyone else.

  • The mainstream wants to know how VR can be used in classrooms and business offices, not how they can have simulation sex with pornstars.
  • And yet, the latter is exactly what’s bringing in the majority of cash to the VR industry – we could even make the argument that a good majority of adults purchasing VR headsets are buying them for pornography.
It’s VHS tapes all over again, with the adult videos hidden behind a curtain in the rental stores – but everyone knows why you’re coming out of Blockbuster wearing dark sunglasses at 11pm at night.
Bye bye!

How VR Porn is secretly driving the industry

By Ventsislav Tashev

How VR Porn is secretly driving the industry

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