Sitemaps for PDL Prism Sites

Xinjiang Shao
Team M8's


Why improve our Sitemaps?

  • Our websites are large. Our dynamic single sitemap structure timeout, share 1 service location with all brands
  • Help search engines to set the right time, priority┬áto crawl
  • Help with Image Searches
  • SPA (Single Page Apps) are not well linked with href

What kind?

Overall Structure for Sitemaps

What has been done?

  • Products, Categories, Images Sitemaps
  • Compressed with GZip
  • Update Daily at Midnight Every Day for 4 Brands
  • Martins' is live for static pages, Other brands are an ongoing process
  • The initial set of site maps for Products and Category is live last week, Image sitemap is planned to be released next week

Measure it

- Size Difference

- Overall stats on how many products and categories are generated

- GA stats and Google Search Console stats


Site Map Before Compressed After Compressed URL Count
Products 5.9M 371K 25078
Categories 525K 21K 2706
Images 20M 1.7M 26184
Index 647B 256B 3

A snapshot of MRTN's Sitemap on Sep 28, 2020

Google Search Console

SiteMaps for PDL Prism Sites

By Xinjiang Shao

SiteMaps for PDL Prism Sites

A brief summary of what is done for enabling Search Engines to discover our brands' content better

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