Data leak prevention

of your web application

Screen Shield


Data leak problem

If you don't know what it is so it doesn't means that you haven't problems

We just have wanted

to hide communication
with backend

In the beginning

But now

we have the following

Schield Instance

Schield Cluster

Internet Users

Schield Instance


Target Web Application

Project Schema

Screen Schield

There's ambitiously

Hackathon is not enough

but we implemented something

Target Web Application

Shield Instance Schema

Websocket Client



Websocket Server

Docker containers pool

Session Manager

IFrame VNC Client

Container with VNC Server/Client 

Image-driven interface

End user will give  

  • Hide communication with backend
  • Partly hide front-end business logic
  • Prevent web application index
  • DDoS barrier
  • SQL-Injection exploit barrier

Web application


  • Prevent browser fingerprinting

Project values

(secondary features)

(primary features)

Any Questions?

Screen Schield. Hackathon

By Ufocoder

Screen Schield. Hackathon

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