Thesis presentation

Internal audit walkthrough

Why this document?

Create documentation about it

Show how it's important to do it in a company

To be aware of what the professional world wants

Who AM I to do this?

A student who needs a subject for his thesis

Someone who already worked on this subject

A security fanatic

Who will be interviewed?

Small/Medium Sized Business companies

Security companies


What is an internal Audit?

Security audit from the inside

Allow IT Director to control security

It's like burglary but someone pay you for it...

...and it's legal of course

More seriously

$250,000 loss in average when a company is hacked

Only 40% of employees are interested in security

58% don't know how to react after being attacked

It seems important for meĀ 

to do something

Any questions?

Thesis presentation

By Yoann Ono

Thesis presentation

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