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Yacine Rezgui

Full-Stack JavaScript engineer

Organizer of the London Phonegap meetup


Big fan of Asian culture

Love cheese and baguette

(like every french)

Mobile is cool

Mobile apps are cool


  • Ugly interface like a GeoCities page
  • Slow like Windows Vista
  • Poor features like a PlayStation without gamepad
  • Hard to debug like IE 6

What are the reasons ?

  • We started Web Mobile development too early
  • Old devices have poor webviews
  • Vendors didn't provide UI components ready to use
  • No complete access to native APIs


And the biggest problem:

Web developers aren't App developers

Website !== App

  • The website is online while the app not always
  • Blank screens are acceptable only in a browser
  • You read a web page but you interact with an app
  • Responsive is good only if you don't have budget

Problems with these frameworks

  • A desktop legacy (Desktop != Mobile)
  • Useless components for mobile
  • Many mobile oriented interactions
    are not available
  • The 300 ms delay is awful

And please, just because your framework is responsive, it doesn't mean your web app is mobile friendly !

But hopefully, we have

Ionic Framework now !

So what is it ?

  • UI components ready to use
  • Performance is a first-class citizen
  • Transitions everywhere !
  • Configurable and Stylable


  • Side Menu
  • Tabs
  • Modal
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Pull to refresh
  • Slide box
  • Popover
  • Action Sheet
  • Keyboard management
  • And many more !


Bunch of Angular factories that bind Cordova. Promise ready of course. 

  • BarcodeScanner
  • Camera
  • Contacts
  • Device
  • File
  • Orientation
  • GeoLocation
  • Push Notification
  • Capture
  • And many more !

And soon...


And what about tablets ?

Well it's still HTML/CSS bro'

It's production ready ?

Despite the fact that the project is in beta, it's a very mature and useable project compared to its competitors.


And the guys behind the code are


They made and

They're kind of badass

Ok but just show me an HTML5 app with millions of users

+ 100 millions of Android users

What are you waiting for ?

Presentation by @yrezgui

Ionic Framework - Le Maître Jedi du HTML5 Mobile

By Yacine Rezgui

Ionic Framework - Le Maître Jedi du HTML5 Mobile

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