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What is ReactJS ?

  • Project created by Facebook
  • Library for building user interfaces
  • Used in Instagram and WhatsApp

Why I need to switch ?

I like my ng-* attributes

  • Hard to debug Angular Expressions¬†
  • Did you try +5000 bindings ?
  • Damn $scope.$apply
  • AngularJS 2 is too different bro'

Let's see the code

HTML in JavaScript ?!


JSX is a JS syntax extension that looks similar to XML

You can use a simple JSX syntactic transform with React

Virtual DOM

By keeping in memory the DOM,

ReactJS just re-renders the updated elements


State or Props ?


  • component (Will / Did / WillUn) Mount
  • component (Should / Will / Did) Update
  • getInitialState
  • getDefaultProps

And if I want to play with innerHTML ?

Let's Render !

  • render
  • renderToString
  • renderToStaticMarkup

Let's componentize our app !

Still want awesomeness ?


React Canvas

React Native

Thank you !




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