Connected home


Put together in 10 minutes 


You can see it from slides quality 

floor heating
cam doorbell

Why don't construction companies build "smarter" houses?

Floor heating + smart alarm

use-cases: good old mix&match

Doorbell with camera + motion sensor

Air quality, smoke & co2 sensors + Ventilation

Power socket, flood sensor, smart lock + notifications

window, door sensors, camera + notifications

parking, co2 + motion detection

metrics, energy consumption + utility costs saving trainer

better building maintenance

vendors can have contracts with construction companies and sell devices to them

what about data exchange and how these devices are gonna talk to each other?

Geeny to the rescue with...

gavin belson Geeny signature box

Disclaimer: I didn't had my compliance training yet 

which we don't have to build ourselves

Geeny box

box is connected to geeny cloud to sync data and send notifications

boxes can discover boxes owned by other users if discovery is allowed, i.e. with building itself to notify about broken elevator...

this way buildings can discover and connect with each other to extend use-cases

boxes can discover each other via p2p gossip and elect leader to connect with geeny cloud

run use-cases aka apps

register devices

box can be extended with own use-cases

And ofc there could be whitelabeled geeny app



partners can earn money by selling devices to construction companies and consumers to create new use-cases

consumers can earn money by sharing their ANONYMIZED  data with 3rd parties

construction companies and geeny can earn money via revenue sharing.

basic subscription is included in rent contract and money goes to geeny and construction company.

subscription could be upgraded to more advanced plan using your rent contract number.

Connected Home

By Mykhailo Lieibenson

Connected Home

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