RxJS: Hot and Cold Observables

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What is ​RxJS?

RxJS is a library for reactive programming using Observables, to make it easier to compose asynchronous or callback-based code.

What is an Observable

A representation of any set of values over any amount of time. This the most basic building block of RxJS.


What is an Observable? (cont.)

  • Array of values over an amount of time.
  • A data stream
  • Just a function, with a few special characteristics.
  • It takes in an “observer(an object with “next”, “error” and “complete” methods on it)
  • Returns cancellation logic (unsubscribe)
  • Connects observer to "producer"(source of values)

What is an Observable? (cont.)

  • Observables can be either hot or cold
  • Observables created using the of, from, range, interval and timer operators will be cold.
  • Observables created with the fromEvent operator for either user events or WebSocket events will be hot.

Cold Observable

  • Producer created by the observable inside it
  • Data emits on subscribe to observable
  • Completes data stream itself
  • Unicasts
  • All subscriptions are independent
  • Re-emits the whole values for new subscriber 

Hot Observable

  • Producer created outside the observable
  • Data emits as soon as observable created
  • need extra logic to complete the subscription
  • Multicasts
  • All subscriptions share values
  • Data can be lost if no subscriber

Making cold observable hot

publish() along with connect()

Example 1

Example 2


publish() : ConnectableObservable

???? Observable

Warm Observable

  • Start emitting when at least one subscriber
  • Publish() along with refCount()
  • Shortcut share()


  • Hot observable -> Movie at the Cinema
  • Cold observable -> Movie with Netflix
  • ‘Warm’ observable -> Movie with friends

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RXJS: Hot and Cold Observables

By Zenab Saleem

RXJS: Hot and Cold Observables

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