& Mobsters

A game, a XXXXX,
a future literary phenomenon

The Concept

  • A fantasy world in which human characters capture monsters, train them and compete with them. (e.g. Pokemon).
  • A multimodal game engine that combines first-person play, collaborative play (roleplaying) and content creation.
  • Crowdsourced fiction - Users create the characters, monsters, and other major game elements.


Modes of Play

  • Development of Characters and Monsters
  • Direct Competition
  • Roleplay
  • Storytelling and Creation of Media


  • Bullet One
  • Bullet Two
  • Bullet Three

Why will people play this game?


  • Presence on a wide range of platforms, including the World Wide Web, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and "smart TV" devices.
  • Ease of access and play.
  • A revenue model that allows the game to at least break even without imposing high subscription fees on users.
  • The development of a large worldwide user community that transcends gender, ethnic and national identities.
  • Generation of content that can be monitized in non-computing media (TV, movies, ???).

Monsters Masters & Mobsters

By Jay Bienvenu

Monsters Masters & Mobsters

The presentation deck for the game Monsters Masters & Mobsters. Details about the game are at

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