What would you rather have, a handsome penis or an unattractive one? Exactly. And while some men are born with an especially handsome penis, even such lucky gents need to take some steps to ensure that it maintains its appealing appearance. Maintaining penis health is obviously crucial in any handsome penis regimen, so here are some strategies for making sure that the equipment in your pants is as attractive as possible.

Suggested strategies


Wash daily. Unless a man has a special skin condition that precludes frequent washing, it’s important that he give his penis and scrotum a good washing every day. This can be done as part of regular showering or bathing or separately, if a man does not regularly go for a full body wash. Just rinsing with water is not enough; a mild, gentle soap or cleanser should be used to get rid of any unwanted dirt, grime, bacteria, fungi, etc. Those men whose foreskin is intact need to take extra pains to ensure that they wash well underneath the foreskin, in order to avoid the possibility of smegma forming, which can be a considerable turn-off to partners, especially if they discover it while in the midst of performing oral sex.

Examine the penis regularly. Ideally, a man should do a quick spot check of his penis every day (perhaps while washing) and a more thorough examination once a week (in a well-lit space where he can spend a few minutes on it). Regular examination allows a dude to spot possible issues as they are just developing and to then initiate strategies to deal with them. A man should be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary, such as newly formed bumps, lumps, rashes, dry skin, splotches, warts, pus, or a discharge from the penis. On his first examination, a man may discover that he has bumps he hadn’t noticed before. Often these are harmless, like Fordyce spots. If he is unsure about whether they are harmless or not, he should check with his doctor. He should keep an eye on any new bumps, lumps, and so forth, that develop, and he should discuss with a doctor if needed, especially if they are painful, itch, produce discharge, or emit a foul odor.

Use condoms. A penis ravaged with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is a serious health problem – and signs of some STIs may also make a visible mark upon the penis. Wearing a condom is not a 100% guarantee against STIs, but it is a significant preventive measure.

Keep the skin moisturized. There’s a reason women spend hours moisturizing their skin: it makes a huge difference in how attractive the skin is. When skin has access to proper hydration, it is healthier and looks much better. This is equally true of penis skin, which as mentioned before is quite delicate. A penis with dried-out skin may be flaky, patchy, or splotchy—none of which is a good look for a man’s most important piece of equipment. And when the penis skin is dried out, it may also make sexual activity (whether solo or partner based) painful.

Use a penis health crème. One of the most crucial strategies for obtaining and maintaining a handsome penis is to apply daily a top-drawer penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). There are a number of options out there, so check the label to make sure it has all the ingredients needed. Does it contain shea butter and vitamin E? These first-class moisturizers are key to proper hydration of penis skin. Does it have vitamin A? This vitamin has antibacterial properties that can supplement a man’s regular washing and help attack undesirable penis odor. And if it also contains vitamins B5, C, and D, so much the better for building a healthy, handsome penis.

Strategies for a Handsome Penis

By John Dugan

Strategies for a Handsome Penis

No man wants an unattractive penis – nor does his partner. Maintaining a healthy, handsome penis doesn’t happen by itself; some strategies are required to achieve desired results.

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