WordCamp Sacramento 2017
Presented by: Matt Cromwell


Content Hacks
for Nonprofits

Make your content


Make your Content Consumable

  • Organize content for easy digestion

  • Navigation can make a huge difference

Make Your Content


Make your Content
About People

  • Faces are really important

  • Stories create loyalty to your cause

  • Video can have strong impact, but don't just point them to YouTube. Write stories about your videos

Make your Content


Make your Content

  • Old brochures might become great new articles

  • Archived photos can become historical narratives of your cause

  • Even old articles that were powerful years ago can be revisited -- Google actually rewards you with traffic when old articles are updated

Make your Content


Make your Content

  • Let your audience contribute their own content.

  • Most popular form plugin have the ability to do front-end post creation. 


Matt Cromwell

Head of Support at WordImpress

Content Hacks for Nonprofits

By Matt Cromwell

Content Hacks for Nonprofits

Content marketing for your nonprofit doesn’t have to be difficult. You can reuse and repurpose content. You have more content at your fingertips that you realize. I promise. We'll discuss making your content consumable, making your content about people, dusting off old content, and leveraging your audience for user-generated content.

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