Gutenberg for Users

WordCamp Miami 2018

Presented by: Matt Cromwell


The What, Where, When, and Why of






New block-based editor, currently available as a plugin

This calendar year

Currently a plugin, will be in Core

A more modern and unified content writing experience for all WordPress users

What is going to happen to my

Existing Content?

What is going to happen to my

Existing Content?

What should I know about creating

New Content?

Live Demo Time!!!

What should I know about

Theme Support?

  • Gutenberg styles a lot out of the box
  • Watch for theme updates when Gutenberg is released
  • Bug your theme authors to support Gutenberg

Will I be able to use my

Favorite Plugins?

  • ...maybe!? It's complicated
  • There is already a lot of momentum for plugins supporting Gutenberg
    • Give
    • Yoast
    • Gravity Forms
  • Shortcodes will still work
  • There's a wave of new plugins already too:

Matt Cromwell

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Community Consultant for Media Temple


Gutenberg for Users -- WCMIA 2018

By Matt Cromwell

Gutenberg for Users -- WCMIA 2018

A new block-based editor (aka Gutenberg) is coming to WordPress 5.0 in 2018. This update will radically impact how you imagine and conceptualize your website content. We’ll cover what exactly Gutenberg is and how to prepare for it. The key takeaway is an understanding of how Gutenberg will affect your existing content, and how to create exciting new layouts with it in the future. Bonus: Free downloadable resources and demos will be provided. If you want to get ahead of the curve with Gutenberg and be empowered to do more with your website; this is a must-see talk. More resources found here:

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