Helping young couples to manage their shared expenses


  • Hearing a lot of stories from my close friends
  • Remembering various arguments of parents related to shared finance
  • Personal experience

Initial research

  • Interviews of 3 couples
  • Talking about general finance management
  • Budgeting and spending apps came into discussion

To have a solid budget for a month helps us greatly to spend money evenly and reasonably

It's definitely rational to take money out from a set budget than to throw it away and realise that there's no more in the half of the month.

Seeing how much and on what I spend money would help me a lot

Insights from the research

User journey outline

1. Decision

2. Discussion

3. Agreement

4. Planning

Prototyping key interaction

Using Prototype On Paper allowed me to quickly prototype the key interaction from the concept – dialogue between the both sides of a couple on how much money they will invest in their relationship.


  • More time spent together
  • Fun will be more evenly spread in the month
  • Less personal financial issues
  • Less financial harm when one partner pays too much


By Petr Chutný


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