A social network for printmaking workshop


Skeleton coding

Identity creation

Content gathering

Animation prototyping

Wireframing / Homepage / Dashboard

Skeleton coding / Dashboard

Wireframing / Gallery element

Skeleton coding / Live feed focused

Identity / Initial idea, logo take I.

Identity - Logo take II.

Identity - Logo take II.

Content gathering

Gathering content from websites like Etsy, Instructables.
Researching methods for pulling data for various websites (e.g. JSON and jQuery)

Project Organisation

Allowed us to:

  • Create tasks
  • Move them through lists
  • Assign roles
  • Add comments 
  • Upload files 
  • Feel organised
Trello - A web app which aids collaboration in projects.

Also used:

Structuring the SNS

Communicating outside of the studio



  • Finding quality prints
  • Keeping within the idea of theme
  • Looking back at early research
  • Finding relevant source material for our process page.
  • Looking at inter-user interaction
  • Fabricating meaningful and relevant conversation
  • User Interaction

    Prototyping inter-user interactions

    Prototyping Process

  • What is relevant?
  • What is meaningful?
  • What is the typical conversation?
  • Inspiring great conversation
  • Inka - Prototyping phase

    By Petr Chutný

    Inka - Prototyping phase

    Our state of prototyping a social network for printmaking workshop.

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