Managing finance in a young relationship

Chris & Veronica

6 years of relationship

  • After the beginning stage when Chris would invite Veronica for various events/meals, they started to pay more together and question how is it best for them both
  • They felt like not being in full control of how much they spend for what,
  • They decided (In third year of relationship) to create a "shared" wallet - a monthly budget for spending together
  • Veronica takes care of the wallet - maintaining balance etc.
  • Funds in the wallet are taken to the next month (not usual)

To have a solid budget for a month helps us greatly to spend money evenly and reasonably

John & Teresa

5 years of relationship

  • They manage their own finance themselves, although they live together
  • Shared expenses - rent, food (half/half)
  • John doesn't like the idea anything related to banking for smaller spendings
  • Although he would like to create an account for savings
  • John is questioning privacy and freedom when it comes to what the partners knows about in relation to spending

From previous experience of living together, I would really appreciate to see difference between expenses and income on monthly basis

Terry & Paula

9 years of relationship

  • Originally Terry would pay for most of the things
  • There has been a change from inviting each other for a meal to "where we go next together"
  • After few years, they set up a shared savings account for anything that comes
  • They are paying mortgage together
  • Terry likes to use credit card whenever possible, Paula prefers notes
Seeing how much and on what I spend money would help me a lot

How couples

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How couples

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