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The ArcGIS API for JavaScript 

Where do I begin?


Your First Map (and MapView)

Add Layers to a Map

Working with ArcGIS Online and Enterprise

  • Create web maps
  • Web enable your data
  • Share your maps, data, and applications
  • Find relevant and useful basemaps, data, and configurable GIS resources
  • Manage content and users in your organization.

Your First 3DMap (and SceneView)

Add Layers to a 3D Sceme


  • Widgets are reusable user-interface components and are key to providing a rich user experience
  • The ArcGIS for JavaScript API provides a set of ready-to-use widgets.
  • You can develop your own widgets too.

Add Widgets to Your App

Edit features


Visualization Example 1

Visualization Example 3D

Analysis Example 1: Hotspot Analysis

Analysis - Example 2: Query Elevation

Other Resources

  • ArcGIS API for JavaScript Guide
  • GeoNet: The Esri Community
  • GIS StackExchange


ArcGIS API for JavaScript

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ArcGIS API for JavaScript

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