About Me

Amit Senasen@esri.com, @amitbsen

  • Software Development Engineer
  • Special Programs, Technology Services - Esri Professional Services
  • Build web applications and data management software.
  • JavaScript, Python, C#
  • Utilities, transportation, commercial, banking, etc…


What is ArcGIS?

A platform to share and access spatial data.

Data Visualization

3D Web

Native Apps 2D/3D

Data Science

Access to Massive Datasets

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ArcGIS Online

The cloud-based platform for all of your mapping needs.

Data Visualization

Create rich interactive data visualizations with ArcGIS APIs and SDKs in 2D or 3D.

Search and Geocode

Convert your addresses and place names into coordinates and put them on a map.

Spatial Analysis

Gain insight into your data by understanding spatial relationships and patterns using the ArcGIS Spatial Analysis service.

Introduction to Esri & ArcGIS for Docusign

By A.B. Sen

Introduction to Esri & ArcGIS for Docusign

Introduction to Esri & ArcGIS for Docusign

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