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Initial Generation

Evaluation - Englishness

Evaluation - Englishness

Evaluation - Semantic Similarity



We educate young minds in the practice of witchcraft and wizardry for the service of others.

Experiments - Sample Input

Experiments - Englishness

Full Skeleton with universal POS tag

  • Technical witchcraft for everyone
  • A witchcraft to get out of the magic
  • The sheer magic of practice
  • Exercise sorcery witchcraft

Full Skeleton with standard POS tag

  • The magic of witchcraft
  • Righteous practice. Witchcraft
  • Magic is everyone’s witchcraft
  • Wizardry help and practice

Three gram with universal POS tag

  • Natural practise and practice in your wizardry!
  • Come sorcery feeling like you’ve had a real witchcraft
  • One brain at a witchcraft
  • Acceptance educate the magic of the witchcraft

Three gram with standard POS tag

  • Sorcery over minds
  • Magic of the practice
  • When the practice goes crazy, cultivate like wizardry.
  • Genius witchcraft

External Evaluation

External Evaluation

External Evaluation

External Evaluation


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By Aadesh Neupane