The Great RMG Linux Migration of 2014

Alan Orth

Dog food...

A Family of UNIX-like OSes

1960s: MULTICS, UNICS -> UNIX...

1970s: BSD -> Sun OS

1980s: HP-UX, AIX, Xenix, Minix, Solaris

1990s: HP-UX, AIX, Xenix, Solaris

A Big, Happy(?) Family?

  • UNIX-like operating system
  • Technically "Linux" is just a kernel
  • What we use is actually "GNU/Linux"

Unparalleled Tools


$ git clone
$ cd ckan
$ pyenv virtualenv --no-site-packages ckan
$ pyenv activate ckan
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ paster make-config ckan development.ini
$ paster serve development.ini

Installing CKAN

RMG Linux Migration 2014

By Alan Orth

RMG Linux Migration 2014

The great RMG Linux migration of 2014. Background, motivation, and way forward.

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