The Drupal admin experience

Plain and simple

Why modify Drupal's admin interface?

Picking up new technology is challenging.

Frustrated? Throw it out.

Good first impressions matter...a lot.

Disable overlay

Overlay deal-breakers

Multiple page reloads

JavaScript issues galore

Useless use-case

Disable toolbar

No power-user features





Disable toolbar

No power-user features

Enable Administration Menu (admin_menu) instead

Careful hover, one-click

Should I use a mega-menu?

Not for average content managers

Not for average content managers

Careful hover, one-click

Structure  > 

Content types (Article)  > 

Manage fields (Tag)  > 


Enter Navbar



This is going to be painful

This is going to be a breeze

Admin Menu Recap

Shoot for a high "dive-in" factor

Visual queues aid in recall memory

Less is more

Mobile functionality is a must

Choose a good admin theme

Shiny (D7)

Ember (D7)

Adminimal (D7/D8)

Green means go

"Luxury Lanes"


Limit permissions

Simplify content creation

Field Group


Bean > Block

Blocks or Blocks?

Bean module

Block module


Just look at those savings



List links

Edit menu

Content Creation Recap

Field Group similar elements

Only show required fields by default

Less is more

Consolidate actions onto a single form

Hide settings that won't change

Improve ability to find content



Allow in place editing

In-place Editing Recap

Use Contextual module

Don't use "promoted" or "sticky" toggles to determine placement of high visibility content

Less (clicking) is more

What did we do?

Improved "dive-in" factor of the admin menu

Simplified content creation

Enabled effective in-place editing

Improved ability to find content

What are the wins?

Lowered the learning curve for

site administrators

Built trust early

Allowed clients to stage content quickly

Cut down on hours spent training and providing trivial support

Thank you


Alex Ellison

Drupal admin UX: plain and simple

By Alex Ellison

Drupal admin UX: plain and simple

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