Mobile Library & Mobile Services Update

March, 2021

The District's Outreach

Services Reimagined


In addition to the Mobile Services Supervisor position there will be other positions coming open over the next 6-8 months.


They include a variety of focuses including logistics of Mobile Services, services using the van, and services using the mobile library.


Like other community libraries it is important for staff to be able to help where and when it is needed.  For this reason everyone in Mobile Services will be scheduled to drive and staff the Mobile Library at least monthly, on a year round basis, and cross trained to drive the Mobile Services van.


Mobile Library

Freightliner M2 106- similar to this one from Kent District Library, MI

(The Truck, delivery Fall 2021)


Mobile Library Floor Plan

34' long over all, 24' for the "library", 9' wide

This is the District truck. Modular components include computer tables, shelving and chairs. Most of what you see can be switched in, out and around.

Detroit, MI

Example of Inside a Bookmobile

-Similarities- standing counters, sitting workspaces, shelves, carts, bookdrop- are all part of a modular system and components that we have. 

-Differences- we won't have sitting staff desk

Truck Details:

  • Hybrid lithium battery system instead of a generator
    • Truck will need plugged into an EV charger each evening
  • Back up camera
  • Wheelchair lift
  • Modular components to be shifted through a rotation of programs and library services
    • including things like storytime, computer access, printing, programs for youth and adults,  browsing, and hold pick up to name a few
  • Robust WiFi hotspot
  • Estimated 24,000lbs
  •  34' long x 9' wide
  • Does NOT need a Commercial Drivers License to drive and operate

New Van! 

4WD Sprinter Van, Fall 2021


Fountaindale, IL

New VanFloor Plan

24' feet long

This is the actual layout of the District Van. Shelves and carts are compatible with the Mobile Library. 

New Van...Inside

Yes, it is tall enough (for some) to stand in

Example of the inside of a Sprinter Van

Van Details:

  • 4x4 diesel engine
  • Wheelchair lift
  • Shelves in the upper area, carts attached to the wall in the lower area
  • Two double sided carts will fit in the aisle
  • Standing height counter for staff work station 
  • Robust WiFi hotspot
  • 24" long
  • Does NOT need a Commercial Drivers License to drive and operate

Questions or comments...



Phone: 893-8372 (please leave a voicemail)

...about Mobile Services?


...about applying?




Phone: 893-8202


Contact Amber Williams:


Contact Toni Carnell

Mobile Services Information 3/2021

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Mobile Services Information 3/2021

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