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Binge Coding - Languages

  • C# 4.0+
  •  F# 
  • Objective C
  • Clojure 
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Binge Coding - Frameworks

  • C#: 
  • Nancy ★, OWIN, Oak MVC, NSpec
  • F#
  • Canopy F#,  FSharp.Data.SqlClient
  • Objective C
  • RestKit, AFNetworking, SocketRocket
  • NodeJS: 
  • Express, Restify ★,, Redis 
  • Client-side JS:
  • AngularJS, Pixi.js
  • Clojure:
  • Core.Async ★, Overtone, Compojure 
  • Ruby: 
  • Rails, Sinatra, RubyMotion 

  • Not Coding

  • Presentations by Rich Hickey
  • MicroConf Presentations
  • Quiet: The Power of Introverts
  • Little Schemer
  • Brave Clojure
  • Thinking Fast and Slow
  • A Connection to the Vision

    Trust and Like Minds

    Me: "Have you thought about porting A Dark Room as an iOS game? I'm actually a developer on sabbatical right now and would love to give it a stab."

    Michael: "If you want to do a port to iOS, you have my blessings. I'm sick of working in the corporate world, too. If this goes well, there may be a mutually beneficial partnership in our future =)"

    Failure in dollars...

    Success in Meaning

    "I've got my 3 sisters addicted to the game, and since we're all blind, we all appreciate the new additions to the game, so thanks to the developers."

    "A Dark Room helped me to get through a particularly tough time in my life. Thank you for providing such a fun and accessible way to tune out and heal."

    Technology Spans Oceans

    Connection Across the World

    Connection Across the Free World


    Meaningful Work

    "I was inspired by your game, I would like to create my own game using javascript. I am 14 years old which also makes it difficult (or maybe easier as I have a lot of time) to do this. How do I get started?"

    Meaningful Work

    By Amir Rajan

    Meaningful Work

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