Using Social Media to

Amplify Your School Walkout

April 20 - 10 AM


  • April 20th - What's happened to our schools since Columbine?
  • The power of student walkouts
  • How social media can help
    • Targets and Platforms
    • Great content
    • Tips and tricks
    • Live video 
  • Know your rights!

why remember columbine?

April 20, 1999

The Columbine High School shooting sparked a national debate about gun violence and school safety. 

the impact

  • Hundreds of millions invested in school police and surveillance 
  • School-to-prison pipeline gets worse
  • Schools don't get safer
  • School Police = False Solution to School Violence

Students of color are disproportionately criminalized for low level offenses and routine misbehavior. 

The Future We Want: Our Demands

  • Divestment from school police officers
  • Comprehensive mental and emotional health services
  • More guidance counselors and social workers
  • Expansion of restorative justice practices
  • Protection for students and families from ICE arrests around schools
  • Gun control that does not result in targeted policing of Black and Brown bodies

the power of walkouts

  • Demonstration of youth power
  • Disrupting "business as usual"
  • Command attention
  • Tactic in broader campaign
  • Opportunity to educate



your peers


school officials

the media

      your peers Use existing networks, meet people where they are. Speak their language, convince them to join you. Think about next steps.
   school officials Use platforms that are permanent. Make your case. Show you care. Make demands, suggestion. Demonstrate pride in your school.  
       legislators Know who represents you. Know what matters to them. Know what's going on in your legislature.
        the media Provide an insider's perspective. Tell the real story. Emphasize your message. Twitter is key!




Show what adults can't see.

Be real.


Make your message clear.


tweak your bio

always use a #hashtag









tag your location

tag folks who can lift you up






using live video

  • Go long
  • Narrate
  • Let folks know in advance
  • Don't worry about repeating yourself

know your rights

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