Empirical Analysis of ABR streaming over QUIC.

Aniketh Girish

Dr. Subhasri Duttagupta

Review #2

Research interest: 

0-RTT connection setup

Low Latency

Within the scope of this thesis!

QUIC TLS API for crypto in gnuTLS

Custom QUIC version integration in VLC for better streaming experience.

Work update: Mini Project!

Exposing QUIC TLS APIs in gnuTLS

  1. A callback to notify the key (epoch) change
  2. A callback to write a Handshake messsage, when it is being sent
  3. A callback to write an Alert messasge, when it is being sent
  4. A callback to flush the message.
  5. A function to push data received from the peer to the TLS layer

Initial QUIC setup

ngtcp2 + ngHTTP3

Work update: Mini Project!

Updates after Mini Project

1) quicsy: A HTTP3/QUIC tool devised.

It does HTTP/3 request-response pair.

2) Segmentation: segments and manifest created for a mp4 file. Scripts to do encoding/segmentation were written

3) Host the segments in a web server

4) Mininet script to emulate a topology for controlled network experiments  

5) Work in progress: HTTP/3 and QUIC implementation in VLC 

1) Quicy: A HTTP3 tool

  • Based on ngtcp2 + nghttp3
  • A stand-alone network module
  • Can send and recieve any size of data


2) Segmentation: Flow

2) Segmentation: HLS Streaming

By the next review:

Complete Mininet scripts

Evaluation of existing ABR over HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 in VLC

Simple live streaming over HTTP application using any ffmpeg or libav library to test our quicsy tool

Wrap up the VLC implmentation of HTTP/3 and QUIC.

Live streaming over HTTP application using any ffmpeg or libav library to test our quicsy tool

[WIP]: A complete documentation is available at: https://synackd.gitbook.io/research/

[WIP]: Code and scripts available at: https://github.com/Aniketh01/quicsy

Thank You!



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By Aniketh Gireesh