Gulcin Yildirim
Tallinn, 2016

What is TTÜ Geeky Weekly?

I organise geeky meetings weekly!

What kind of events?

It can be anything but geeky, indoor or outdoor!

I planned 10 workshops &

5 geek talks so far.


1st: LaTeX workshop with Siavoosh

2nd: Hello Terminal workshop with Hardi

3rd: Hello AVR: Return of the dinasours

4th: Git Gud with Nish

5th: Mastering Git with Nish

6th: Hello LaTeX with Siavoosh

7th:Front-end 101 HTML5, CSS, JS

8th: Essential Docker with Nish

9th: Introduction to Meteor.js

10th: Mastering LaTeX

Geek Talks

1st: Product Cycle &

Design Process

2nd: IT Security with AI

3rd: RDBMS in NoSQL World

4th: Contributing to Open-Source Projects

5th: Introduction to PostgreSQL

My Eventbrite page

All of my events are free and will be free!

My events are only in English.

My target group

All geeks of Estonia

(student or not)!

I offer drinks & snacks!

I give gifts!

I collaborate with


I search for mentors

I search for sponsors

Send me an email!


Stay geek! 

Thank you!

TTU Geeky Weekly

By Gülçin Yıldırım Jelínek

TTU Geeky Weekly

This presentation is prepared as a quick info for TTU Geeky Weekly organisation.

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