NF-Core: Community-based best practice pipeline development in Nextflow


Alexander Peltzer

Quantitative Biology Center (QBiC) Tübingen




  • Challenges in computational biology
  • Basic introduction to Nextflow
  • Introduction to NF-core project

Challenges: Big Data


  • Data in computational biology is
    • big (PB scale)
    • diverse (sequencing, proteomics, metabolomics ...)
    • erroneous (e.g. contains sequencing errors)



We need methods and tools to analyze such data!

Challenges: Software dependencies



Workflows / Pipelines consist of


  • various different tools
  • typically dozens of individual methods


Complex dependency management!


Challenges: Reproducibility


  • Large-scale projects more common today
    • 1,000 Genomes Project
    • 100,000 Genomes Project UK
  • Reproduce results with older data / integrate with newer data



 Many paper results are not reproducible!




  • Custom DSL (domain-specific language) for
    • fast prototyping
    • enabling task composition
    • easy parallelization
  • Self-contained: Containerize tasks (e.g. with Docker)
  • Isolation of dependencies: Keep container - rerun analysis at any point!
  • Community effort to collect production ready analysis pipelines
  • Save time in development, more testing, more updates


Phil Ewels

Alex Peltzer

Sven Fillinger

Andreas Wilm

Maxime Garcia

+ many others!

Tiffany Delhomme

All pipelines adhere to requirements

  • Nextflow based
  • MIT license
  • Software bundled in Docker / Singularity
  • Continuous integration testing (e.g. Travis CI)
  • Stable release tags
  • Common pipeline usage and structure

Optional requirements


  • Software bundled in Bioconda
  • Optimized output formats (e.g. CRAM)
  • Explicit support for cloud environments (AWS)
  • Benchmarks for running on such environments

Need help?


  • Cookiecutter: To get a skeleton for new pipelines
  • Linting app: To check what conforms with
  • Gitter: To communicate with the community!


Comes with interactive reports!

Comes with proper documentation!

... and a lot more!


Phil Ewels (SciLifeLab, Stockholm)

Maxime Garcia (SciLifeLab, Stockholm)

Sven Fillinger (QBiC, Tübingen)

Paolo di Tommaso (CRG, Barcelona)

Evan Floden (CRG, Barcelona)

Andreas Wilm (A* Singapore, Singapore)

Tiffany Delhomme (IARC, Paris)

ISMB Bioinfo Core Workshop NF-Core

By Alexander Peltzer

ISMB Bioinfo Core Workshop NF-Core

Lightning talk introduction (5-8min) at ISMB 2018 Bioinfo Core Workshop, July 7th, 2:06PM at the Hyatt Regency Conference Hotel.

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