Armagan Amcalar
Women Techmakers Berlin
August 27th, 2018

Public speaking workshop pt 1

You should give a talk this year!

Who am I?

Armagan Amcalar
Head of Software Engineering @ unu GmbH
Founder @ Lonca Works

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Let's talk about talking


Why you should talk

Common problems and challenges

Types of talks

Topic selection


Tips & tricks for writing

Building outlines​

Preparation for the speech

What's next on other meetings


Meeting 2

Recap of the basics

Write down ideas and drafts

Review drafts like a pro

Submit at least one talk to a conference!


Meeting 3

Lightning (and longer) talks out of our proposals!

Best practices of giving a speech


It's all about making a difference

Emerging Technology

Transformation Through Tech

Creating Better Experiences

Teaching and Learning

People and Community



We'll submit papers to


Why you should talk

Sense of self-respect & self-acknowledgement
You have something in your mind that nobody believes
Spreading your knowledge, and selflessness
To learn a topic better
Meeting other people in the field
Travelling the world


Common problems & Challenges


Types of talks

Introduction to technologies
Live demo
Live coding
Practical examples
Approaches / theoretical
Thought provoking
Fun / rhetorical
Experiences that no one has


Topic selection

Anything is a topic

A History of Errors & a Future of Solutions

Native BigInts in JavaScript: A Case Study in TC39

Asynchrony: Under the Hood

Merge Conflict: a case study and application of peer conflict management training in Node.js





No agenda slides
Start with a premise
Tell a story, even though it's technical
Do live demos, do them well. Prepare for the failure scenario
People can read code faster than you can type
Talk in their level
Variations of a talk according to time / audience
Cultural differences between audiences


The same talk can be 5 seconds, 5 minutes, 25 minutes, or two hours


Tips and tricks for writing

WHAT are you talking about?

WHY should they listen to this talk?

HOW will they benefit from it?

Ask questions
Pique interest
Underline this is something nobody thought of

Be unique, be you

Have an elevator pitch ready

Start with a premise
End with a premise
Give resolutions


Building outlines

State a problem

State a premise

State a solution

Why does that solution work for that problem?

Show that it works

State the premise again

Wrap up


The same talk can be 5 seconds, 5 minutes, 25 minutes, or two hours


Preparation for the speech

Mirror practice
Recording practice

Giving the talk to peers
Writing everything down


thank you!

Let's keep in touch!

Armagan Amcalar

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WTM Public Speaking Workshop pt 1—You should give a talk this year

By Armağan Amcalar

WTM Public Speaking Workshop pt 1—You should give a talk this year

Participating in conferences and learning from experts is great, but as a community we are missing a lot when it’s the same faces every year, everywhere. We have to do our best to include everyone from a diverse background as speakers and learn from their experiences. This talk will prove you have what it takes to become a speaker yourself, and will give you practical advice to start your career as a speaker. We will talk about overcoming the impostor syndrome and eliminating self-doubt like “I don’t know what to talk about” and “I can’t talk in front of people”. This is a fun, inspiring talk, and by the end of it you will discover the super-hero speaker in you, bursting already with ideas for your first talk.

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