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Arūnas Liuiza

WordPress Core Contributor, WordPress Kaunas Meetup co-organizer, WordCamp (Lithuania, Riga, Stockholm, Jyväskylä, Oslo, Norrköping) speaker and one of the editors of the Lithuanian WordPress translation team and co-host of Kodo Poetai podcast.


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Engineering Team Lead at

/whois Website Quality

  • How well-functioning a website is
  • Including (but not limited to)
    • Performance
    • Accessibility
    • SEO
    • ...

/whois Lighthouse

  • An automated website quality testing tool
  • That you already have in your browser
    • Open Chrome
    • Navigate to your website
    • Press Cmd+Shift+I / Ctrl+Shift+I to open DevTools
    • Select the Audits tab
    • Click "Generate report"
  • Oh my...



Best Practices


3 hours later

Why not perfect?

Lighthouse CLI

# Install
npm install -g lighthouse

# Try running it in Terminal
lighthouse <url>
const lighthouse = require('lighthouse');
const chromeLauncher = require('chrome-launcher');

function launchChromeAndRunLighthouse(url, opts, config = null) {
  return chromeLauncher.launch({chromeFlags: opts.chromeFlags}).then(chrome => {
    opts.port = chrome.port;
    return lighthouse(url, opts, config).then(results => {
      return chrome.kill().then(() => results.lhr)

const opts = {
  chromeFlags: ['--show-paint-rects']

// Usage:
launchChromeAndRunLighthouse('', opts).then(results => {
  // Use results!


Website Quality Audit with Lighthouse

By Arūnas Liuiza

Website Quality Audit with Lighthouse

WordPress Meetup Kaunas #46

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